Understanding Living Benefits

Accelerated Benefits Riders*

Where is your heart? Isn’t it with the ones that you love? Isn’t it these people that you would sacrifice life, limb and liberty for in your lifetime?

Then, it is those same people who require your protection now.

Not when you die, but now. But if for some reason you are no longer able to work.
Most people understand life insurance as paid in protection for your family and estate when you die.

It is so much more. 

Accelerated Benefits Riders* are commonly referred to as Living Benefits.

There is a powerful optional benefit rider that you can added to your policy that may accelerate the death benefit when you suffer a qualifying illness or injury. It may also be used as a source of retirement income.* 

Life insurance is a unique financial tool that can be structured to accomplish many objectives, and it can be customized to fit very specific needs.

You’re working hard to build your life. Don’t let an illness or injury take that away.
Find out how life insurance can provide you with security protection and opportunities that can help you make what may be today’s dreams and tomorrow’s reality.

All Living Benefit Options are not the same. Ask us. 

Protect your family today.

Sonja Cassandra Perdue, Founder

*Terms and conditions apply.